Pelican Water Reflection








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Pelican Bird Water Reflection

Description of the Pelican Bird Water Reflection: As you can see from the picture above there is a water reflecting a mirror image of the pelican bird in reverse process. Lo and behold, the question is asked. What is reflection? we get an answer which states that reflection only occurs when light changes direction as a result of bouncing off any shiny surface akin to a mirror glass. However, with references to the Pelican Bird animal. It is a known fact,  worldwide there are six species along with two in the USA one which is brown and the white pelican, all are are of similar shape but not in size. The Pelican males are much larger than their females counterpart. They all have an elongated bill with a large pouch. The bill measures between 40-50cm long and that too is larger in males than in the female species.

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