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Neil Sedaka Oh Carol Album Cover

A Description of Neil Sedaka "Oh Carol" Album Cover as shown in photograph above! Album Cover picture image shown above was designed for the RCA International Camden Record Label! Oh Carol Album Cover was first published in 1970 and the Oh Carol vinyl 12inch re-issued compilation recordings of Neil Sedaka 1960's era hits songs album which issued in 1978! Neil Sedaka was an American singer songwriter of the late 1950's  and 1960's era! Sedaka wrote *Stupid Cupid for Connie Francis and he also wrote the sound track for the film where *Where The Boys Are starring Connie Francis! This Oh Carol Album Cover was made for RCA's special low priced RCA International Camden label but is now a record collector's item! Recorded tracks shown on the Oh Carol record album cover include some of Neil Sedaka's hit songs of the 60's rock and roll era such as The title track *Oh Carol, *Stairway To Heaven, *King of Clowns, *Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, *One Way Ticket, and *Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. The Neil Sedaka Oh Carol 12inch vinyl Lp record consists of 12 recorded tracks


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