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Marigold Pentland Yellow Picture

Shown in the picture is the Marigold Pentland Yellow garden flowers as shown in picture above! There are more than 40 species the Marigold Pentland Flower exists! Marigold garden flower grow in clusters of either red, yellow and orange  with very finely cut leaves! Marigold flower plants are sometimes planted amongst vegetables to discourage insects and other pests due of their quite strong odour! The marigold flowers will also attracts insects that is beneficial as these insects preys on pest such as the destructive aphids (greenflies)! Marigold species of flowers are native to South-western America, and a variety of the marigold species of flower petals has been used for making an essential oil  source for the perfume industry to produced Tagetes as the marigold flower petals has been scientifically proven to be  rich in orange-yellow carotenoid lutein! There are cases which states that some species of marigold plant and flower have been used a useful animal repellent of deers, rabbits and rodents!


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