Frigate HMS Marlborough








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Frigate HMS Marlborough

Brief Description of War Ship HMS Marlborough Frigate as shown in picture above! HMS Marlborough Frigate is the sixth ship to carry the name that has battle honours ranging from Martinique in 1792 to Jutland in 1916. The ship's motto is "S'en Vat'en Guerre"  meaning "He Goes to War!" The Frigate HMS Marlborough is a that was launch in 1989, she was originally designed for the principal task of anti submarine warfare.  HMS Marlborough has the latest  built in computer operated sonar with an advanced sensor equipment along with a super communications sonar together with advanced sensor and communications apparatus. She is fitted with a wide suite of weapons which augments her true potential. These weapons includes a Vertical launch Sea Wolf and Harpoon Missile systems. one 114mm gun, towed array sonar and Sting Ray torpedoes. The Royal Navy Frigate war ship is powered by a diesel electric gas turbine combination  which runs to near silence!

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