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Picture of Admiral Nelson

Description of Admiral Nelson born 29th September 1758 and died 21st October 1805 aged 47. Lord Horatio Nelson was one the great British tacticians of his time, but beyond that, he was brutal to his crew. Admiral Nelson victor at Trafalgar, the name of Britain's most celebrated naval tactician is inextricable linked to victories on the high seas. Whether in reference to his famous ship HMS Victory or in memory of his many triumphs. Lord Nelson waves goodbye to the crowd at Portsmouth Harbour then joins his ship HMS Victory before the battle of Trafalgar In 1805. While onboard HMS Victory, Lord Nelson was shot by a French marksman, nonetheless, Admiral Nelson was  the hero of Trafalgar. Horatio Nelson himself, had caused outrage in both London Society and within the higher echelons of the Royal Navy. Admiral Horatio Nelson though lived a charmed existence upon the waves, his life on dry land however, was to prove less triumphant and far more disreputable as his personal dealings became something of a scandal, him being a married man, openly flaunting his affair with Lady Emma Hamilton wife of Lord Hamilton


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